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We are family owned business to make a change in our world! From providing excellent customer service to creating beautiful things for your home and everyday lives! We strive to make this world bee a better place for everyone's family!

Spring Buds




No matter what design you are looking for we can help you find the one you want! We only have specific ones advertised on the website but message us for a consultation and we can help you!


These are not available as of yet, but we will be offering clothing in wide ranges from Kids to Adults! Limited Styles and Designs will be available!



Our Accessories are designed to get you noticed (without sacrificing comfort). From classics and basics to trendy must-haves, we stock gorgeous pieces to add that little something extra to every closet or to your everday life! We offer Attachments to your tumblers and more!


The Bee and See Designs Way

Your One Stop Custom Tumbler Shop

White Flowers

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Message us for a visit!

Tues - Fri: 4pm-6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun and Mon: Closed


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